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Meet Darby's Favorite Four-Legged Volunteer!

April 12, 2023
The month of April is National Volunteer Month, where we take the time to recognize the individuals who dedicate their time and energy to bring joy to our residents. If you know someone who volunteers at any organization, please take the time to thank them. If you have some free time and are interested in volunteering, now is a better time than ever!

We have a very special volunteer here at Darby Glenn, and that's Tori and her therapy dog, Kokiya. They started volunteering at our skilled nursing facility in 2019. When Kokiya became certified as a therapy dog, her owner, Tori, wanted to volunteer locally. Tori lives in the Hilliard area and can walk to the facility to visit frequently. This has allowed Tori and Kokiya to solidify their connections with our residents, making them a fan favorite. “We are able to be a constant in someone's end-of-life care, which is very special,” shared Tori. Seeing Kokiya regularly helps the residents to remember their past pets and provides the familiar comfort of owning a pet. The residents are always excited to see Kokiya. When she arrives, she is always showered with so much love!

Kokiya and Tori!

We are so lucky to have Kokiya and Tori visit our facility. They genuinely enjoy what they do, and that is bringing joy and comfort to those around them. Kokiya thrives on attention and loves getting pets from everyone at Darby. Kokiya is a great performance dog but an even better therapy dog. Ultimately, the decision to work as a therapy dog has always been up to Kokiya. Hearing positive feedback and just knowing that we made someone’s day is so rewarding. It is why we continue to volunteer. We hope that we are able to boost spirits and listen to those who need someone to talk to,” expressed, Tori.

Staff and residents alike have grown very fond of Kokiya and Tori's visits. Kassie Anderson, Activities Assistant, shared, "I always look forward to seeing Tori and Kokiya every Saturday to visit our residents and staff here. It brings me so much joy to see our residents' faces light up when they get to pet Kokiya and reminisce about their past loved animals. Visits from Kokiya make these residents come alive with laughter and so many smiles. As an animal lover and pet owner, I know how important it is to receive unconditional love and comfort from a pet. It's amazing how these animals can provide such therapeutic remedies to our residents. I look forward to seeing Kokiya and Tori continue to bring their warmth and joy to our residents here at Darby."

One of our residents shared, "Kokiya is a beautiful and very well-behaved dog. Her owner, Tori, is very well-versed in Kokiya's needs too. She presents Kokiya very well with her beautiful costumes. We love to see her!"

Happy Volunteer Month to Tori and Kokiya! Thank you for volunteering your time to bring some light into our residents' lives. The smallest gestures sometimes mean the world to someone else out there. We are so grateful for you two!

If you're interested in getting more involved with our residents, we have many different ways you can volunteer! Our Activities Department is always open to welcoming new faces who want to spend time with our residents. Whether it's to join us on an outing or to help with a craft, we'd love to hear from you. For more information on how to volunteer, please contact us at (614) 777-600.

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