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World Physical Therapy Day

September 8, 2022
Today, September 8th, we celebrate World Physical Therapy Day! It is an opportunity to recognize and appreciate all our Physical Therapists working in our community. World Physical Therapy Day aims to support organizations in their efforts to promote the profession and advance their skills. By recognizing this day, we bring awareness to the importance of their role at our facility.

Darby Glenn's Physical Therapist is Michelle Hoppe. Michelle began her career working as a Physical Therapist seven years ago. Growing up, Michelle participated in sports, where she had sustained a couple of injuries and recovered through physical therapy. She knew from this experience that she wanted a career in this field. If she had to describe her career in three words, it would be physical, rewarding and challenging. Her favorite part about the job is making a difference in our residents’ lives daily.

Michelle recounts an experience on the job where she helped a patient through a life-changing accident to the point where they could walk again. "It was very rewarding to see that patient a year later, walking on their own, not needing assistance," she shared. Stories like these really highlight how important physical therapy is to our community.

More About Michelle:

Michelle’s favorite hobbies include working out and spending time with family and her two Havanese dogs, Bernie and Benji. On the weekends, you will find Michelle cheering on the Ohio State Buckeyes and volunteering with The Special Olympics organization.

Happy World Physical Therapy Day to Michelle and all the other Physical Therapists helping patients meet their goals. We appreciate all you do!

Our Therapy Department stands out for being a skilled and diverse team that is culturally advanced in handling resident needs, staff needs and family needs. If you're in need of therapy care in Hilliard, Ohio, Darby Glenn might be the place for you. Reach out today to set up a tour!

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